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Guest Privileges

  1. Guest privileges may be extended under the rules and regulations established by the Club from time to time. The Club shall establish from time to time the rate of the daily guest fees, charges and the rules and regulations for use of the Club Facilities by guests.

  2. Although it is the intention of the Club to accommodate guests without inconvenience to the members, the Club reserves the right to limit the number of guests that accompany a member on any given day.

  3. Guest privileges may be denied, withdrawn or revoked at any time for reasons considered sufficient by the Club in its sole and absolute discretion.

  4. All guests shall be considered either House Guests or Day Guests.

  5. The Club reserves the right, from time to time, to limit the availability of golf starting times for guests.

  6. An individual may only be a guest at the Club two times in any calendar month during the High Season. Therefore, if an individual has been a Day Guest of a member twice during a calendar month during the High Season, the individual may not thereafter be either a Day Guest of the original sponsoring member or of any other member of the Club during the same calendar month.

  7. These guest rules apply to both family member guests and non-family member guests, except as otherwise specifically noted. The term “family members” as used in relation to these guest rules shall mean a member’s children, such children’s spouses or fiancées, and grandchildren of members only.

  8. Each guest shall have the opportunity to pay his or her charges at the Club. Sponsoring members assume all responsibility for all unpaid charges made by their guests.

  9. A sponsoring member shall be responsible for the conduct of his or her guests while at the Club. If the manner, deportment or dress of any guest is deemed to be unsatisfactory, the sponsoring member, at the request of the Club, shall cause such guest to leave the Club. In the event of an unaccompanied guest, the Club reserves the right to require the guest to vacate the premises if it deems necessary.

  10. It is the intent of Club management to create guest privileges conducive to the lifestyles and desires of the entire Club membership. Due to the nature of our growing membership, it is the intent of Club management to review guest privileges annually with the Advisory Board. Exceptions to Day Guest privileges may only be made by the Club.

Day Guests

  1. A Day Guest is defined as a guest of a Club member receiving privileges at the Club for a period of one day. Day Guests are not required to be registered through the Administrative Office.

  2. Day Guests are permitted access to Club Facilities when sponsored by a Club member. Day Guests can be accompanied or unaccompanied, except during the High Season, when all Day Guests must be accompanied.

  3. No member may register the same Day Guest, other than family member guests, more than one time per calendar month during the High Season and two times per calendar month from October 1 through May 15.

  4. Guest participation in Member/Guest types of Club outings does not count as used guest time.

  5. During the High Season, golf members may register family member guests, as defined above, as Day Guests. Regular Day Guest fees will apply. On weekends and holidays, tee times will be available to family member Day Guests after 1:00 P.M. only. The same family member may not be registered as a Day Guest on two consecutive weekends during this period and their usage will be counted against the per-guest overall total of 14 days during the High Season.

  6. Day Guests are not permitted to use the practice facilities unless warming up to play.

Unaccompanied Guest

  1. Unaccompanied Guests of golf members generally are not permitted to play golf during the High Season.

  2. Unaccompanied Guests for swimming are not permitted at any time throughout the year. This does not apply to a properly registered House Guest.


Proper golf attire is required for all players.  Members are expected to insure that their guests and family members adhere to such rules.


Shirts with collars and sleeves, mock turtlenecks, slacks and golf specific apparel are considered appropriate attire. Shirts must be tucked in unless designed to be worn otherwise. Hats and visors must be worn in a forward position.

Not Acceptable
Cargo shorts, cargo pants, tank tops, tee shirts, fishnet tops, cut-offs, sweat pants, jeans, bathing suits, tennis shorts or other athletic shorts are not permitted.


Golf dresses/skirts/skorts, slacks and golf specific apparel are considered appropriate attire. Hats and visors must be worn in a forward position.

Not Acceptable
Cargo shorts, cargo pants, halter tops, tee shirts, fishnet tops, bathing suits, sweatpants, jeans, tennis dresses or athletic shorts are not permitted.


Appropriate golf shoes or approved shoes are required on the golf course and practice areas.

Not Acceptable
The Golf Shop must approve use of shoes, other than golf shoes. Metal spikes are not permitted on the golf course or practice facilities.

This dress code is mandatory for all players. Improperly dressed golfers shall be asked to change before playing. If you are in doubt concerning your attire, please check with the Golf Shop before starting play. Any misuse or disregard of these rules may cause privileges to be reviewed or suspended. 

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